Take Away

Drottninghögsvägen 5, 254 58 HBG
Weekdays 11-20  |  Weekend 12-20

Our story

Our adventure started some years ago with nothing but a round-the-world airplane ticket and a passion for food.

Traveling across continents and eating in a wide range of restaurants, we got to experience dozens of cuisines, discover all kinds of foods, and understand what makes a restaurant that people want to keep coming back to.

From our early experience in the food world, and up to today, it is clear to us that every popular restaurant has three simple things in common: tasty, fresh food; warm, comforting service; and an inspiring atmosphere.

Our unique restaurant is guided by these fundamental principles, and we strive to do just that little bit more than anyone else in each of them. That is what Swedish Diner is all about. Come and visit us so we can share our adventure with you.

We had Swedish meatballs here. It was delicious for affordable price. Recommended place.

Oct 2022

We found this restaurant on Google. The owner is super nice and the food is amazing! Definitely recommend it to friends.

Dec 2022

Such a lovely place. Superfriendly staff. Food is great...Definitely would recommend this place.

Feb 2022

I think this place has topped all the places I had burgers. There is something about their handmade burgers/patties - they have a deliciously unique taste.

Jan 2022

Superb experience. Hands down the best burgers I’ve ever had. Caesar salad was amazing as well and the owners know their history!

Jan 2022

I took the bus to get here. The price is good the food is delicious and I think it's all worth it! If I am back I would definitely recommend this place.

Jan 2022